HMIS Workflows & Guides

Below you will find the most recent workflow documents for ServicePoint. For more information about our workflow documents and HMIS or if you or your agency need training, please contact Jeremy Heyboer.

Standard Workflows and Guides

Document Type Revision Date

HMIS APR Workflow

pdf April 3, 2014

This one page, two-sided document is the standard workflow for entering a client from start to finish and makes much more sense after you have attended training.

HP and RRH Comprehensive Supplemental

pdf March 6, 2014

This document provides step by step instructions for sharing client information and recording service transactions specific to Homeless Prevention and Rapid Re-Housing Services.

Sub-Assessment Guides for Income and Non-Cash Benefits.pdf

pdf October 18, 2012

This document reviews the Income and Non-Cash benefits Sub-Assessments, offering a little more guidance for proper data entry so the HUD CoC APR is less problematic.

Required Data Diagram

pdf June 6, 2012

This document introduces new users to the required data elements collected for each client to be entered into HMIS. It includes the link to download the HUD's 2010 Data Standards and page numbers to find the definition for each element.

Specilized Workflows

Document Type Revision Date

Emergency Shelter SkanPoint Procedure

pdf October 22, 2013

These are the basic steps for entering a night of shelter correctly using SkanPoint. Caution: With great power (or speed in this case) comes GREAT RESPONSIBILITY. Enter a single night of shelter for 100 clients correctly or correct 100 individual nights of shelter tediously.

Entering Project WIN Data

pdf October 12, 2012

For Pillars, BEDS, SSPADS and WSPADS: here are the extra steps to open client data to Project WIN to reduce double entry.