Alliance Committees

Discharge Planning Committee

Jointly staffed by members of the Chicago and Suburban Cook County Alliances to End Homelessness, the Discharge Planning Committee strives to improve the coordination of housing and services for individuals upon discharge from public institutions in Cook County.  By exploring new resources and strategies for discharge planning, we can prevent vulnerable populations who are leaving public institutions, like jails or hospitals, from becoming homeless.

Executive Committee

Khen Nickele, Chair

This Committee acts on behalf of the Alliance board of directors in between meetings when timely action is required.  The Executive Committee is made up of board officers and a chair from each of the three regional councils.

Finance & Operations Committee

Thomas Galassini, Chair

This Committee reviews monthly financial statements in advance of board meetings.  The committee reviews and monitors the Alliance’s financial policies, assists in developing annual budgets, and reviews yearly audits and tax reporting.  The Committee advises the Board and staff on financial practices.  Periodically, this Committee will review Human Resource policies.  If applicable, this Committee will oversee the process of becoming a Unified Funding Agency.  The Board Treasurer is its chair.  

Governance Committee

Paul Selden, Chair

This Committee considers issues of membership, corporate bylaws, voting and representative structure of the Alliance.  The Nominating Committee is now formally merged into it.  The group will respond to Strategic Plan goals around board diversity and cultivation.  The Alliance’s immediate past chair is this committee’s chair.

HMIS Committee

Markita Alexander, Chair

This Committee will review HMIS Policies & Procedures for the Alliance.  It cultivates ways in which data measurement can fulfill the goals of our Strategic Plan.  In consultation with the Plan Committee and the Board, it developed a Data Dashboard that is reviewed quarterly before presenting it to the board of directors.  It will recommend areas for improving the measurements, meeting jointly 2-4 times a year with the Plan Committee to analyze the data and recommend system improvements.


Homelessness Prevention Committee

Dennis Condon, Chair

This Committee continues to advise on stimulus-funded prevention and call center implementation.  It will develop with staff a final report on the stimulus program that can be used to advocate for how the Emergency Solutions Grant is implemented.  In the near term, the committee focus will include ramping down stimulus programs, advocating for state and other prevention funding, and investigating centralized referral and intake options.

Plan Committee

Sue Shimon, Chair

During HUD’s Continuum of Care application season, this Committee focuses on the goal-setting narrative for the Alliance’s response.  During the balance of the year, the Committee focuses on implementing the Alliance’s strategic plan and promoting the Community Plan to End Homelessness.  The Committee organizes a homeless count every other year.  It will respond to the Strategic Plan’s quality assurance goals by meeting jointly with the HMIS committee 2-4 times a year.

Project Review and Prioritization Committee

Khen Nickele, Chair

This Committee is responsible for ranking project applications submitted to HUD for Continuum of Care NOFA funding.  This Committee carries out the project review process as outlined in the Tenets of Project Review, adopted in January 2009.  In addition, it will lead a discussion of the right mix of housing model types and the relative priority of targeted subpopulations informed by data on unmet need in our Continuum.

Resource Development Committee

Paul Selden, Chair

This Committee recommends and helps implement a fundraising strategy, including seeking foundation support and investigating alternative funding sources.  It will also advise on communications-related activities outlined in the Strategic Plan.